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Τρίτη, 16 Δεκεμβρίου 2014

Invest in Navarino

Navarinoinvestment team:
We are not prophets.
Just predict the future...

Tuesday,16 December 2014


''So, according to the municipality of Trifylia, the value of property in that area(Navarino) has skyrocketed because of the
tourist development of the operation of the hotel complex unit (Costanavarino)and the tourist promotion of the region as a tourist destination area.
In addition, added that the excellent quality of the coastline in the area raises the value of the properties. Also, in recent years in  this region has erected a large number of houses, some of which are luxurious villas. Therefore, it is certain that the area will be developed into a resort area of high standards.
Also this  is  particular natural beauty area, which is served by networks of electricity, telephone and water supply and, therefore, the above property has clearly  great  value as a plot.

Note, also, that with no. 93/2013 judgment the Court (Court of appeal of Kalamata)set the final unit price for the properties which expropriated because of the opening of the road Gargalianoi - Romanos and located in position Tragana in the amount of 50 euro per sq.m.''

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