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Πέμπτη, 29 Δεκεμβρίου 2016

Garsot & Hellen Kagan-Collection ''Muses & Music'' (video)

Sotiris Gardiakos:
I have painted professionally for over 60 years and I have created thousands of paintings, sculptures, architectural and mixed media designs throughout Europe, South Africa, U.S. and the Middle East.

The majority of my work remains undocumented over my career and travels. Private Collectors and Galleries are helping me revisit my works past locations to help document my surviving Art.

Through painting for a lifetime I now focus on inspiring a brighter, more optimistic generation of Art. This is a movement more than a style thats important to all of us.

My choice is to create positive images in all my work as my Theme. This theme can be either based on or influenced by Mythology, Nature, politics, the Sciences or inspiring human thoughts. Whatever it is, it is always uplifting and full of positive energy!

I like to blend fantasy, realism, abstraction and my own concepts and inspirational visions together with a strong influence in the female form in my Art.. She is natures dominant creator and nurturer.

Today I want to influence future artists to be uplifting in their message as the Arts are the light and glory of Humanity.. We will remain forever victorious as a species through the Arts." 

New Art Movement / Unique Collaboration ©ARTSYNERGISM by Garsot & Helen Kagan. www.artsynergism.com
The first Collection "MUSES & MUSIC" presented @ SPECTRUM ArtBasel Miami, Dec. 2016

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  1. Hello! Both, Garsot and I - Helen Kagan, are very thankful for your featuring our unique concept - Collaboration #ArtSynergism by #Garsot and #HelenKagan. You can see more info about our Unique Concept @ www.ArtSynergism.com ! Please mention that the above video was created by Helen Kagan, a collaborating artist. I will also appreciate to see my "Artist Statement" here as well. This Unique Series "Muses & "Music" was created collaboratively by Garsot & Helen Kagan, it would be nice if both artists are presented in your Blog. You can find all necessary information about #HelenKagan and my #HealingArts @ my site - www.HelenKagan.com . Please contact me with any questions. Thank you! Sincerely, Helen Kagan PhD