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Κυριακή, 7 Ιουνίου 2015

Ceylan Ozalp-The Confusion and the Beauty

She is definitely alive. It wasn’t her who killed herself - but a friend/comrade of her. The name of her friend was Ceylan Ozalp and when she shot herself, it came to a confusion between both. Her real name is Rezana, her nom de guerre (fight name) is Diren.
She’s actually a PKK Guerilla Fighter and joined the YPG like many other comrades after the outbreak of the syrian war and start of the ISIS Terrorism. In October she was wounded in a battle but recovered. Now she’s back at the Qandil mountains - in the ranks of the PKK. She was interviewed by a Kurdish News Agency (Firat News) on May 31, where she calls the people in turkey to vote for the kurdish HDP Party in the election this week: “to stop the genocides / oppression against women, all women should give their votes for the HDP.”


Source:Kurdish Blog

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