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Δευτέρα, 13 Ιουνίου 2016

How To Make Money-The Startup Way

Too easy to be true or ...?

IN THE APPEARANCE OF THINGS…………it never ceases to amaze me……how…….’seekers’ ignore what is most obvious and carry on searching for what is already here, now.  Like a fool with his glasses resting on the top of his head, he searches everywhere for his glasses.  He is convinced they are ‘out there’ somewhere.  He won’t be told “They are on top of your own head”.  Oh no.  That would be too simple, too easy.  It can’t be true.

The fact is that what is being looked for is ‘doing the looking’.  The required insight is a non-conceptual clear experiencing of the FACT – the actual – what is. Searching with an obsession with concepts only generates more concepts. The very notion that something is missing is generated by what has been added in the mind.  A problem has been ‘created’ where no problem exists.  No wonder a solution evades the seeker so well.  Like a mad scientist, ever more refined concepts and theories consume the scientist, driving him into a kind of madness.  Only others with the same madness can converse with the mad scientist and their elite language is not understandable by anyone else.   They are convinced that they are very close to a Final Knowledge of THE Objective Truth.
The sum of all Elite Intellectualizing (madness) is never equal to the clear and natural sanity of the simple and ordinary man.
Assumptions and complex beliefs obscure the obvious.  ‘People’ believe in concepts like a ‘soul’, an entity or a name, a word.  They have NOT investigated these assumptions to SEE if any of it is REAL.
However, most get on with life, so to speak, and don’t even worry about identity.  Some suffer immensely when doubt enters their ‘mind game’ about SELF.    It is the doubt that is painful.   The self is an IDEA – an un-investigated idea.   The pain disappears once it is seen that the self is just an idea.  At any moment the mind game can be seen through but this requires a very clear insight.   Believing in the IDEA of SELF, believing that ‘I am in control’ – ‘I am doing this and that’ – ‘I am seeking truth, what is true and good’ and many other un-investigated beliefs, so the believed in entity is apparently caught up on a roundabout.  Around and around they go, seemingly searching through a million concepts and belief.  Not recognizing that that which is searching has NO NEED to search for anything.  All that is required is to stop – investigate the belief in ‘me’ and really SEE if there is something there.   The mind story of ‘me’ is seemingly strong but it has no power at all.  It falls apart as soon as it is truly investigated.   What is amazing is that this is pointed out over and over – and only a few seem to take it ‘seriously’.  It seems the wish to be totally genuine has been compromised by an investment in the idea of ‘me’.
All that can be done is to POINT you in the right direction.   If after years of looking in the wrong direction, and the seeking is still going strong, then the habit appears to have the better of you.   Enough already.  Stop.  Investigate the ‘me’.


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