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Σάββατο, 25 Ιουλίου 2015

Ammothines 4 Thalasses+Plastic People

Κυριακή 26/7 _ Sunset Live Music Event
with more of the best funk, soul, disco & r'n'b tunes!!
Plastic People feat. Vicky B. ... the party's here...
by the sea...
η εκπληκτική Vicky Bee παρέα με την πιο groovy Αθηναϊκή μπάντα τους Plastic People, μαγεύουν τους θαμώνες του απόλυτου trend της ευρύτερης περιοχής...

sea, sun & music, at one of the most beautiful beaches of Messinia...!
Ladies & gents pls welcome,
Plastic People feat. Vicky Bee !!!

starts @ 20.30 | free entrance

Event sponsored by Heineken

4thalasses#Ammothines Restaurant Beach - Bar
Petrochori beach
Pýlos, Messinia, Greece
6948.37.76.06 / 6944.94.33.71

4thalasses can provide services worthy of the breathtaking landscape and the wonderful beach...
relax and enjoy fine food, cold drinks and the triptych
of sand, sea and sun at one of the most
beautiful beaches of Messinia...!

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