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Τρίτη, 9 Φεβρουαρίου 2016

Economic and Financial Affairs Council, 12/02/2016

The Council will be called on to adopt conclusions, on the basis of a Commission action plan, setting out plans to strengthen measures against terrorist financing.
It will discuss proposals from the Commission aimed at preventing corporate tax avoidance.
The agenda also includes implementation of banking union, preparation of a G20 meeting and issues related to the EU budget.

Proceedings will start on Thursday 11 February with a dialogue on macroeconomic issues, starting at 10.30, with the social partners: employers and trade unions at EU level and representatives of public enterprises and SMEs. The dialogue will focus on the general economic outlook and the 2016 European Semester policy coordination process.
The Eurogroup will meet on Thursday 11 February at 15.00. It will discuss the economic situation in the euro area (in the light of the Commission's winter economic forecast), implementation of Greece's economic adjustment programme, Portugal (draft budgetary plan for 2016, post-programme surveillance) and the international role of the euro. The Eurogroup will also hold a thematic discussion on the quality of public finances.
On Friday 12 February at 9.00, ministers will hold a breakfast meeting. They will discuss the economic situation, in the light of the winter forecast.
The Council meeting is scheduled to start at 10.00.
A taxation agreement with Andorra is due to be signed after the Council, scheduled for 14.00.

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